My research interests are primarily focused on the ecology of sharks in the coastal environment. I am particularly interested in the patterns of variability in shark populations across different scales of space and time. Through my research I hope to gain a better understanding of the changes that have occurred in NC coastal shark populations.

I am currently involved in two main research projects for my dissertation here at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS), along with my advisor, Dr. F. Joel Fodrie. These projects involve collaborations with other IMS faculty, graduate students and researchers. They also involve the collaboration of faculty, graduate students and researchers from Duke University, North Carolina State University, East Carolina University, University of Georgia and the North Carolina Aquarium.

Research projects:

1. Bi-weekly longline survey for sharks, which has taken place from April-November each year since 1972.

2. Acoustic telemetry to evaluate residency patterns, habitat use and movement of bonnetheads in North Carolina estuaries.